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What does ChatGPT know about accessibility?


We are a cohort of innovative and experienced freelancers, lead by Amy Pedid. She started The Sage Mages to show others how strategic design can make your company navigate gracefully through the sea of ethical responsibility, psychology, equitability, technology and accessibility.

It's a brand new world and The Sage Mages are here to help you find a new way to build your brand.

Amy Pedid with a welcoming smile
high contrast logo for the national child protection task force
Non-profit Wix website with high contrast

A brand carries your legacy. Creative strategy helps you make it right the first time so it can last a lifetime on every medium.


Branding Services: Non-bias brainstorming, design consulting, brand creation, one pagers, social media templates, presentation templates, accessibility assessments and style guides.



What early investment makes budding businesses flourish sooner?

ANSWER: Strategic Communication Design
It can feel like there are as many competitors
as flowers in a field. Are you sending the
right design signals to attract the most clicks? 

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