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Business Branding Case Study: Know Your Network Anywhere with runZero

runZero provides a comprehensive asset inventory & network visibility visibility solution that helps organizations find and identify managed and unmanaged assets connected to their networks and in the cloud. Powered by their research-driven model for fingerprinting, runZero can uncover areas of your network you didn’t even know you had. No credentials needed.

When I met with the runZero team I was impressed with the benefits and offerings they had compared to their competitors. They knew how to handle their client's network but they needed to invest in a brand-led creative strategy and graphic assets that could aid them in networking to find new clients.

After a few months of working with runZero, I used their brand guides and my own inclusive methodologies to brainstorm, pitch and package creative designs for their most important user journey interactions including digital white papers, conference signage and a pop-up "runZero cafe" restaurant takeover during the 2023 RSA Conference in California. We succeeded in amplifying their sales pitch power at conferences and in their online presence.

illustration example of a white paper and infographic
Education-focused. infographic and white paper

international conference signage
"Explore your network" space themed conference signage for Infosec 2023

social media post celebrating the conference

national conference signage
"Chill Cloud Zone" cloud themed conference signage for 2023 Gartner SRM

inside of restaurant showing stage
Wayfinding and experience signage for runZero's pop-up events at the 2023 RSA Conference

comparison of original restaurant front to temporary printed signage

photo of actual front of store after signage placed

doors open at event with people walking inside

table signage example

high up banners

outside signage

The Sage Mages logo with illustration of budding online button

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