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Accessible Event Case Study: Know Your Network with runZero

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Lead Print and Digital Designer: Amy Pedid

Event Planning: Glow Events

runZero is a trailblazing technology company that specializes in providing a comprehensive asset inventory and network visibility solution. Their innovative approach assists organizations in identifying and managing both their known and unknown assets across network and cloud environments.

After strategizing and design the experience, designed a relaxing and memorable spot, during the 2023 RSA Conference chaos, to know and enjoy their network.

outside signage

doors open at event with people walking inside

inside of restaurant showing stage
Wayfinding and experience signage for runZero's pop-up events at the 2023 RSA Conference


runZero had previous successful conference booth marketing in the past but when the opportunity to create a pop-up restaurant during the 2023 RSA Conference arose they chose me to strategize as well as design the "Cyber Cinco De Mayo" theme and ensure that the wayfinding experience was accessible to their diverse audience. They also only had a few weeks to get to the printing deadline in time.

I had worked with runZero on a few other design projects so I was already familiar with their brand. This project however, was different than the others. It required my years experience in the retail and conference experience marketing landscape. Where you can hear and see dozens of CTAs in seconds.

To be successful in a sea of CTAs, it requires an inclusive brand-led approach. This framework doesn't rely on shallow designs or stereotypical tactics. It's rooted in improving customer experience with visual accommodations.

Wayfinding that would increase their leverage to network with clients. They needed support implementing brand best practices during a brand experience to bring their brand from just beautiful to functionally fitting for all.

high color contrast table signage example
Printed table signage with high color contrast and high impact Cyber Cinco De Mayo papel picado pattern

Accessible Strategy

Collaborate to create the "runZero Cafe" takeover at the 2023 RSA Conference in California. We designed a pop-up restaurant experience that showcased runZero's technology in an engaging and memorable way.

  1. Inclusive Design Methodologies: Inclusivity was at the core of our strategy. We recognized the importance of creating designs and experiences that would create an accessible event by accommodating for a diverse range of audiences. We considered the needs of clients, partners, and users with different backgrounds and abilities.

  2. Collaborative Brainstorming: We collaborated with the runZero team to leverage their in-depth knowledge of their technology, industry and audience. This collaboration allowed us to understand their business goals and market positioning in record time. We were also able to efficently partner with a third-party planning team and printing team seamlessly. Communication preferences were respected and timelines remained close or on schedule.

  3. Brand-led Education: A critical aspect of our approach was the development of a comprehensive brand strategy that could support mental renention of a range of complex topics in an environment that has more than twenty other companies trying to do the same thing. We crafted multiple ways to consume content to ensure a wider and lasting audience reach.

Impactful Results

The collaboration between with runZero produced outstanding results:

  1. Enhanced Sales Pitch Power: runZero's presence at conferences was significantly amplified. Their brand-led materials embedded with inclusive design gave them support and leverage to engage more effectively with potential clients.

  2. Online Presence: runZero's online presence was revamped with visually appealing and accessible content, which attracted a wider range of visitors and generated more leads.

  3. Diversified Client Base: With the new inclusive design approach, runZero attracted a more diverse clientele, including organizations that prioritized inclusivity.

Accessible Event Conclusion: Rooted in Improving Customer Experience with Visual Accommodations

Through a collaborative effort that integrated inclusive design principles such as high color contrast wayfinding, culturally respectful visuals and inclusive language, the runZero brand significantly improved their network at conferences.

By embracing inclusive design frameworks and a brand-led creative strategy, runZero successfully scaled their brand's positive image and improved their client network.

runZero's journey highlights the value of inclusivity and collaboration in achieving success in the competitive technology industry. This case study serves as an example of how a commitment to inclusivity and creative excellence can drive positive change for both businesses and their clients.

high up banners

The Sage Mages logo with illustration of budding online button

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