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What made you choose freelancing?

I was staring at a blank sticky note.

After years of filling up white boards as an ad agency Art Director with million dollar brainstorm ideas for household brands and big box retailers, I had finally hit peak burnout. I couldn't think of one idea to put on the whiteboard.


My creativity and energy were at critical lows without the ability to refuel from stale briefs and stereotypical target markets. I needed purpose and sanity.

What made you choose inclusion?

I revitalized my creativity and mental health.

I found my purpose in advocating for underrepresented and ignored communities by utilizing best practices of inclusion and accessibility in my branding and advertising designs. 

Now I create inclusivity in 100% of my projects.

From the first insight to the last packaged file, I successfully fulfill client and audience accommodations that create sustainability and equity. 

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What is inclusive design?


At first, it will seem as though it's impossible to increase brand performance, creative output efficiency and accommodate audience needs while keeping your sanity. There is a reason the CEOs before you didn't invest in it right?

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The reality is...

Plenty of sages successfully use inclusive design.

Branding, marketing and advertising. Inclusive design has been shown to increase relevancy and profit when implemented during insights gathering, brainstorming, creating and critiquing.

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Dove body care
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Ikea furniture store
Read about Ikea's universally designed instruction books

I found out the secret to their sorcery.

Work with me to learn how.

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