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What are Sage Mages?

Sage Mages have been causing creative innovation since the dawn of humanity. They are the ones I personally look up to as mentors. Continuously having an impact on lives even after they are long gone. Pretty magicical right?

I named my LLC The Sage Mages to give homage to the community of niche experts that have improved my accessible and equitable communication design strategies.  

Come back soon to see my list of honorary sage mages.


Accessibility Assessment, Brainstorming, Brand Building, Style Guides, Design Templates, Ux/Ui, Wix Web Design 

I’m known to be versed in accessible and impactful creative solutions. This can manifest as forming inclusive brand guides to reach the widest audience loyalty, concocting custom and easy-to-redesign social templates that give creative confidence for future use without me. 


Accessibility assessments are vital and strategic to bring brand awareness to the largest audience. These inclusive design decisions improve user experience those dealing with barriers from vision loss to short attention spans. Download my capabilities deck to learn more.

As someone with both I can vouch that managing a business is like managing a baby. Those initial excitements can quickly be overwhelmed by tedious tasks. If a brand is built right it can withstand an ever-changing future. Leading to less upkeep and cost in the long run. During our initial meeting, we can align on the future-proof services your company would benefit from.



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Meet virtually via Calendly

Location Milky Way Galaxy

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