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A Future Full of Designed Assistance

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

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As an accessibility advocate, first-gen college graduate, and recent “mompreneur,” I know all too well that the future can be overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time. Experience has taught me that the key to future success is being open to collaboration. Sage mentors, free online resources, books, and physical tools have all helped me save time and money for myself and my clients. Just about every kind of project, from creating an LLC, to brainstorming ideas, to building a brand, goes more smoothly when we share and pool resources.

Need a 30 minute consultation on where and how to create brand value? Schedule an initial free meeting with me.

This open-source mentality didn’t come naturally to me at first. It took a ton of practice for me to shift away from the mindset of rugged individualism. An isolated mindset can be even more detrimental for those with temporary or permanent disabilities. A small misstep or meander can mean days or weeks of lost time and work. I personally felt this when I was temporarily disabled while pregnant. That's why I designed Unibility, an online archive for disability resources that can help those with disabilities, advocates, allies, designers, employers, and others find the right resources right away.

I’m currently working on a few other proprietary and inclusive creative solutions that can accelerate entrepreneurial and nonprofit success. If you have an idea or improvement and would like to partner with me to make it happen, contact me via email at

If you’re seeking creative solutions for your brand, you can view some of my work and download my capabilities deck to see if I’m the right partner for you. I focus on building and improving budding brands, so if you need complex coding, a large creative team, or niche knowledge of things like SEO, I will happily recommend another Sage Mage or two who can support you. Schedule an initial free meeting with me to discuss in detail.

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